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Install Kit
Project Heel External Orthotics With Do It Yourself Install Kit (One set)

Use your own shoes and install our orthotics yourself on one pair of shoes.

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Install Kit-2
Project Heel External Orthotics With Do It Yourself Install Kit (Two sets)

Use your own shoes and install our orthotics yourself on two pair of shoes.

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Shoes With Orthotic
Project Heel Orthotics Installed On One Pair of Shoes

Send your shoes to Project Heel headquarters for installation on one pair of shoes. Also, we will send you the install kit to move the orthotics to different shoes.

Install Instructions
Shoes and Install Kit
Project Heel Orthotics Installed On One Pair of Shoes, Plus One Install Kit

Send your shoes to Project Heel headquarters for installation on one pair of shoes. Also includes a second set of orthotics with an install kit.

Install Instructions

It is estimated that 5-10% of all children walk on their toes or did for part of their childhood. Toe walking can lead to a shortened achilles tendon requiring a very painful surgery and casting. Children that walk on their toes frequently fall and have foot pain since they are not weight bearing through their foot naturally. Most of the time Physical Therapy alone does not work. The typical treatment are big bulky and uncomfortable Ankle Foot Orthosis. They are usually unsuccessful at stopping toe walking and even if they do work, they restrict the movement of the foot and ankle causing atrophy of very important muscles, leading to more problems in the future.

The Project Heel External Shoe Orthotic was created to allow your child to freely move their foot to prevent atrophy and to stop toe walking as comfortably as possible. When the orthotic is placed just in front of where the toes flex and extend it allows gravity to keep your child from going on their toes, just like a seesaw. Project Heel offers a 30 day money back guarantee.

Install yourself: It is recommended to pick a shoe that allows the tongue to flip up and access the forefoot of the shoe (Billy Footwear, Converse) but any shoe will work. Two holes will have to be poked through the sole of the shoe to secure the orthotic with two screws.

We install: After ordering, send your shoes to Project Heel Headquarters and we will happily install and ship your shoes to you. Just buy a new pair of shoes and have them shipped directly here to save on shipping or send a pair you already have.

About Us

Dr Morrison

PJ Morrison, DPT

Dr. PJ Morrison, DPT

Hi my name is Dr. PJ Morrison. I graduated from Elon University's Physical Therapy program in 2009 and I am the inventor of the Project Heel’s external shoe orthotic. I am currently a Doctor of Physical Therapy in North Carolina.

I have always loved helping people and solving problems. I am honored to be able to help you and your child with a problem that no one has been able to solve.

Dr Morrison with dog

PJ with his dog "Snow"

How Project Heel started

The idea for the orthotic came to me when I had a child come in for Physical Therapy because they were walking on their toes. The child could stand with their feet flat but went up on their toes when walking. Nothing needed to be stretched or strengthened.

I had never had a patient who toe walked. I went home to search for shoes or braces that would help. All I found were stories of how nothing helped. Stories of children with sore feet, children getting bullied, frustrated parents and big bulky ankle foot orthosis that did not work.

I put myself into their shoes and thought to myself "How would I stop myself from toe walking?" I figured a small round object toward the front of my shoe that would be hard to balance on, located in the right spot and the correct height would prevent toe walking. I made my first prototype and it worked. The child went from 100% toe walking to 0% instantly. The idea of Project Heel was born.


A. Yes, BUT they need to be able to stand with their feet flat or very close to it. If they are stuck in plantar flexion (toes always pointing down) this orthotic will likely be too intense of a stretch for them. If they have to have achilles lengthening surgery and or casting this is PERFECT for them afterwards so they do not start to walk on their toes again. Always consult a Doctor of Physical Therapy or Physician if you are unsure.

A. Two holes are made in the shoe and the orthotic is attached with screws that lie flat underneath the sole of the shoe. Not felt by the wearer.

A. No. There are currently 3 different sizes. Every 7-8 shoe sizes will require a taller or wider orthotic. Project Heel with accept a trade in of the old orthotic for the next size up for $20. Replacement rubber covers are available for $10.


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